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Christ The Way

Seventh-day Adventist Church

11520 Ellerslie Road Southwest
Edmonton, AB.

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We are Christians

We are defined by who CHRIST is – not by who we are alone


We believe that Jesus Christ is God – one of three parts to the Trinity that is and always has been the mystery of God. There is a reason when Jesus walked this earth He changed the course of history more than any other person that has ever lived. Jesus of Nazareth was humbly born in vulnerable, human flesh in a time of oppression and turmoil, in the Middle East (not too far from where the hub of our current world crisis lies) just over 2000 years ago. He came to demonstrate the true character of God – Love. He came to uphold the Law of God - he died for us, and our sins. He conquered death, He was raised up from dead, and is alive again – that we may understand what life is about, and for our unperishable future. He will come again to this earth, to put an end to suffering, and bring us all together to live with Him – the one who created us, our Creator, our Savior, and our God.


We are Seventh-Day Adventists

We follow the Bible as close as possible because we ARE saved – NOT to be saved


Through the influences of time (centuries of time), of convenience, and of corruption many original Biblical Christian teachings have been diluted and even lost. To much of Christendom this is news. It may even come to surprise for the curious passerby, of non-Christian beliefs. The SDA church attempts to examine and uphold the Bible without influence of prior prejudices or man-made systems to abide by. Coincidentally, this is the history of how this denomination came into existence.


Among the obvious is the difference in the day we worship – Saturday – the Sabbath. We don’t go to church and keep the Sabbath to keep the “law,” nor to be saved by our works – we do so because we love God, and because we are saved. We keep the Biblical Sabbath even though it is not popular (not in the general public, not even within Christian circles), especially is it not convenient (lots of business happens on Saturdays). There are many “arguments” against keeping the Saturday Seventh-Day Sabbath as Christians – but, it is Biblical.


Many other misconstrued beliefs passed down through the ages, such as the belief that when you die you automatically go to heaven or hell. This was not a teaching of Christ, nor a belief of the first Christians.   It is a state of sleep.  It is the Biblical reason Christ will come again - to wake all those who are "asleep."


There are a number of other beliefs that make the Seventh-Day Adventist Christians a little different than your other neighborhood Christian church. We welcome you to join us for worship, to discuss, learn and humbly grow with the rest of us.


  • It is a church that believes in outreach.
    • https://adra.org/;
    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventist_Development_and_Relief_Agency
  • Local or international, serving the community is important.
  • In areas of disaster and famine ADRA is a prominent presence alongside with Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and United Nations groups

We are a Church Plant

Because it is Biblical, but in particular because of the pressing need.


There were both “push” and “pull” factors in the conception of this church plant.


Consistently, for weeks and months and even years, Edmonton “South” (which is actually geographically Edmonton “East”) Church was overcrowded – not enough parking, not enough seating – which is a great moral boost and sweet psychological dilemma but not truly conducive for actual growth to the body of Christ. This was a “push” factor.


The greatest population growth in Edmonton for the last decade has occurred in the South-West quadrant of the city. Provincial government lines had to be redrawn recently to properly represent the booming population. There has been for quite some time a glaring deficiency in a lack of SDA church presence in this area of the city, and with time increasingly so. This was a “pull” factor.


The church was planned and planted with a core leadership from Edmonton South. But, make no mistake, this was not a split or separation, this was a deliberate and prayerful plant. The leadership group that made the decision to plant was quite content and comfortable at Edmonton South, in fact many members at “South” would’ve preferred them not to leave and have a plant. Many of us wrestled hard before deciding to leave and full-on support this plant. Truth be told, Edmonton South was once a church plant itself, over three decades ago.


In the end, the factors of over-crowding at Edmonton “South,” the Biblical principle of church planting chronicled in the book of Acts, and the great need for a church presence in SW Edmonton was enough to tip the scales – and with God’s guidance and presence the “plant” took roots in January of 2015.


The timing of the plant was deliberate, occurring just prior to the It Is Written Impact 2015 (April-May) evangelism series. This was to prepare for space for the new believers that would be brought into the community of faith. The church structure that currently houses this church group was actually the host location of the exciting Impact 2015 series – led by the dynamic and gifted Pastor John Bradshaw from It Is Written.

Today, in 2016, a year later, the church plant is a group of humble and genuine followers of Christ. While we are still relatively small in number (~ 60 to 70+ attend on any given Sabbath), depending on visitors, curious passer-bys, etc.). However, for such small group you’d be hard-pressed to find a group of any size as incredibly diverse and culturally heterogeneous as us - with backgrounds from countries such as Brazil, El Salvador, South Africa, South Korea, Kenya, Germany, East India, West Indies, Australia, Poland, Portugal, as well as second and third generation Caucasian Canadians. Not matter what you look like, or what you’re background, you will feel at home.


We warmly invite you to worship with us each Sabbath. You will be blessed and renewed by God’s presence, and welcomed by our diverse and genuine community of believers. More than this, whether you are new to or a veteran of the faith, as you read this the Holy Spirit may be impressing upon you to personally get involved at this fledgling church plant, to stop sitting as a “bench-warmer,” to step-up and step-out of your comfort zone – help grow the body of Christ, and then see how God blesses you with growth in your own faith.